Get certified in Class. offers traditional classroom instruction in Ohio and Indiana. A instrutor leads classes of up to forty people at a convenient location in your community. At the completion of four hours of classroom instruction, certification testing occurs. With the successful completion of the test, a student qualifies as a Certified Tanning Operatior. This course of study fulfills all of the requirements set by law in your state and is a great way to become certified.

The classroom training course will cover the following state mandated core curriculum:
  • Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Skin Typing
  • Exposure Time
  • Photosensitivity
  • FDA Regulations
  • State Regulations (Laws and Administrative Rules Governing Tanning)
  • Eye Protection
  • Equipment & Maintenance

Group activities integrated into the training reenforce the ideas and techniques taught by the instructor. Practical demonstrations of the work certified operators will do everyday translates training into usable skills. A instructor will answer your questions prior at the end of the course to ensure that you are fully prepared to take the certification exam. The certification exam covers the major topics of the course with emphasis on patron safety and a tanning operator’s responsibilities which include:
  • Informing patrons of the potential effects of UVR
  • Informing patrons of the dangers and signs of photosensitive reactions.
  • Correctly assessing Skin Type of patrons
  • Correctly assigning exposure times
  • Documentation requirements
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures   
  • Instruction patrons on the use of equipment and emergency procedures